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Administrative/ Social Media Assistant, Freedman HealthCare, LLC

Emma provides administrative and project support to the Freedman HealthCare team, and manages its social media platforms. Ms. Rourke applies her writing and communication skills to ensure that client projects run smoothly.

Social Determinants of Health: Addressing Barriers to Create Healthier Communities

What do income, education level, employment, social networks, and housing have in common with with healthcare? Experts widely accept that these factors, known as Social Determinants of Health, can greatly affect a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. The phrase Social Determinants of Health, or #SDOH as it commonly appears on social media, has received a...Read more

FHC President Pens Op-Ed for STAT News Promoting APCDs for All States

As California policymakers take another look at developing an APCD, Freedman HealthCare Principal, John Freedman, discusses ways states are already using APCDs to improve health, create more efficient and effective delivery systems, and spend less in his recent opinion piece, Every State Needs a Database with All Health Insurance Claims, Not Just Some, on STAT News. “States...Read more

Colorado Builds on Robust APCD and Other HIT Assets in its New Health IT Roadmap

Colorado recently released its statewide health IT roadmap. The plan aligns with national efforts, leverages Colorado’s existing data and health IT infrastructure and comes with a snappy slogan: “Best Care, Best Health, Best Value.” Colorado’s plan details initiatives that support care coordination, while also engaging with and empowering consumers through data governance and integration. Best...Read more