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CIVHC Shows the Power of Data and Partnerships

Principal Consultant, Freedman HealthCare, LLC

Mary Jo Condon, MPPA, sees information and collaboration as the foundation for improving our nation’s healthcare system.

In acting, it’s an Oscar. In baseball, it’s a home run. In the world of all-payer claims databases, the ability to successfully disseminate data across a broad pool of motivated, talented partners emerges as a particularly important and visible measure of success.

Wide dissemination of large custom data sets requires a series of complex gears – data integrity, a supportive regulatory pathway and interested stakeholders – all working together to turn a heavy wheel. However, it’s likely that only through a wide network of many, each analyzing APCD data through their own lens, will insights ever emerge at the repetition and speed necessary to drive change.

To better understand how one APCD is accomplishing this aim, consider these statistics from the Center for Improving Value in Health Care’s 2017 (CIVHC) Annual Report released last week:

In 2017,

  • 54 unique organizations received 148 custom CO APCD data and used it in their own projects to advance the Triple Aim in Colorado and nationally,
  • 25 projects from the organizations listed below received funding from a scholarship fund developed by CIVHC and the Colorado Medicaid department and funded by the Colorado General Assembly to offset the costs of data licensing, and
  • Organizations representing 7 diverse stakeholder groups from employers and health systems to researchers and non-profits received that data.

In addition to data requests by partners, CIVHC also completes a variety of internal public reporting projects each year. In 2017, CIVHC released information on topics including:

In Colorado, this kind of data sharing did not occur without years of vision and hard work. CIVHC has dedicated staff time and talent to building strong partnerships with diverse stakeholders, expanding transparency through public reporting, promoting the value and use of the CO APCD, and building a data asset ready to support stakeholders.

For more information on CIVHC’s data release process or to access data, visit www.civhc.org or email [email protected].



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