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FHC Webinar on COVID-related analyses using APCD data

Principal Consultant, Freedman HealthCare, LLC

Mary Jo Condon, MPPA, sees information and collaboration as the foundation for improving our nation’s healthcare system.

Thank you all for joining our webinar!

We appreciated the vast interest and depth of discussion around how APCDs can effectively be used to learn more about the impact of COVID-19 in your state – and, opportunities for funding these types of analyses. As a follow up to the webinar, we are publishing our slide deck and a recording of our meeting so those who missed it can take a look. You can find them below:



If you have any additional questions or would like to connect with us further to discuss solutions to your COVID-19 analysis needs, please email Mary Jo Condon at [email protected] or Tanya Bernstein at [email protected]

Upcoming FHC Webinar on COVID-related analyses using APCD data
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