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Project Manager, Freedman HealthCare, LLC

Ms. Smith is an Intern with Freedman HealthCare, providing project and administrative support for the firm. Her previous experience includes working with the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Mental Health, Substance Use and Recovery. Ms. Smith is interested in the intersection of health policy and data sharing, to improve the service of care for Women and Children. Ms. Smith is currently finishing her MPH with a concentration in Health Policy and Law, and Human Rights and Social Justice at Boston University.

FHC Develops CHCF Report on Investment in Primary Care Detailing Strategy for California

The California Health Care Foundation recently engaged Freedman HealthCare to develop a technical report on primary care investment data collection, reporting, and enforcement mechanisms. CHCF seeks to inform California stakeholders about national strategies to measure primary care investment in conjunction with accountability tactics to increase the proportion of the health care dollar directed toward primary...Read more