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President, Freedman HealthCare, LLC

John, principal of Freedman HealthCare LLC, has 25 years of experience in performance measurement & improvement, health IT, care delivery, and health care reform. At FHC he has helped many states create all-payer claims databases, implement health insurance exchanges, and support health care transformation.

FHC President pens Op-Ed promoting use of state APCD data for vaccine rollout

This weekend, Freedman HealthCare CEO, John Freedman, published an Op-Ed in MedPage Today discussing how state’s all-payer claims databases (APCDs) can help policymakers target COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Our nation recently marked one year since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. President Biden marked the anniversary by announcing an accelerated pace for getting the nation vaccinated...Read more

FHC co-hosts Webinar on No Surprises Act for APCDs

On Monday, January 11, John Freedman, President and CEO, described the implications of the Omnibus Reconciliation Bill’s provisions for APCDs for a webinar audience of over 250 health experts representing 47 states.  Topics included the timeline for key provisions, emerging opportunities for APCDs, composition of Labor’s Advisory Committee regarding a format that states may use...Read more

Health Claims Data Helps States Pinpoint Citizens at Risk for COVID

Using the APCD, Colorado authorities can plan vaccine distribution, states can identify potential future hot spots, and more.   Colorado’s Center for Improving in Health Care (CIVHC) has released a groundbreaking analysis that uses the state’s all-payer claims database (APCD) to identify those at highest risk should they contract COVID-19. CIVHC analysts used CDC risk criteria,...Read more

Health Care Cost and Transparency in the Digital Age

I recently participated in the Digital Health @ Harvard series, which features speakers from Harvard as well as other collaborators and colleagues. The goal is to bring together those that work in the intersection between health and technology, a world the series has coined the “digital health ecosystem.” Discussion topics highlight new developments and identify opportunities...Read more

Winners and Losers in 2018 ACA Exchange Enrollment

The numbers are in for 2018 health insurance exchange (HIX) enrollment. According to CMS, enrollment fell 3.7% to just under 11.8 million.  However, that total hides a big difference between the federal exchange and the state-operated exchanges.   HIX 2017 Enrollment 2018 Enrollment Change Federal Exchange/Healthcare.gov (34 states) 8,751,102 8,289,073 -5.3% State-run Exchanges (16 states...Read more