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The Power of CIVHC’s Partnerships with Change Agents

Project Manager, Freedman HealthCare, LLC

Ms. Rourke uses her deep experience to provide communications, marketing, and general project support to clients and FHC staff. Ms. Rourke is FHC’s expert on social media content, shaping and implementing social media strategy for both internal and client use. Additionally, she manages various FHC digital platforms, including its Twitter page, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, newsletter, APCD Journal Blog, and website. In addition to her work creating content, Ms. Rourke has also been instrumental in designing and managing the creation of various internal and client websites.

Jonathan Mathieu PhD,  Vice President of Data and Delivery at Colorado’s Center for Improving Value In Health Care (CIVHC), recently wrote a blog post on the power of partnering with others.

CIVHC has been a national leader in using data from the Colorado All Payer Claims Database to support partners across Colorado and nationally to drive meaningful change. Jonathan describes these partnerships as the best part of his day.

In his blog post, Jonathan discusses a few of CIVHC’s recent partnerships. We’ve provided a quick excerpt of one of his case studies below. Read the rest and tips for effective partnerships at  “The Best Part of my Day- Helping change agents Transform Health Care.”

USE CASE: Skin Cancer Prevalence in Colorado and Across the Nation

Project Summary:  Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), a Boston teaching hospital affiliated with Harvard University, are estimating the occurrence, treatment, and cost of skin cancer in the United States. CO APCD data is being combined with data from other APCDs and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Analysis of the data will indicate the economic impact of skin cancer, determine any care and outcome disparities between regions, and identify possible trends in prevalence and treatment.

Benefit to Colorado: Colorado’s incidence of skin cancer is higher than the nationwide average. BWH’s analysis will be an excellent tool to help inform targeted action to reduce the prevalence of the disease and aid in cost reduction strategies.

Want to learn more about CIVHC and its work? Listen to their recurring segment “Change Agent Chat,” hosted by CIVHC’s senior staff.

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