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T test in Excel for Hospital Performance Data: The Recap

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Rik is an experienced analyst with a comprehensive background in research. In his capacity as a Health Data Analyst, Mr. Ganguly provides Freedman HealthCare’s clients with meaningful, accurate, and timely analysis of health data, including data on quality metrics and healthcare utilization.

Post 3:

In this post, I will summarize the steps used from the previous blog post in applying the T test to hospital quality data, using one of the measures from CMS Hospital Compare as an example. The formula references in this post are directly from prior blog, so it is probably helpful for you to have both posts up at the same time


  • Bring in your hospital data into Excel. It should include the hospitals being analyzes in one column and their performance in another, as well as the weighted average performance on the last row.
  • Sample size should be brought in if you need to calculate the weighted average (Formula 1.1).
  • Calculate the number of hospitals being studied (Formula 2.1), standard deviation (Formula 2.2), and degrees of freedom (Formula 2.3).
  • Obtain p-value by applying T test (Formula 3.1)

To play around with the example and maybe even apply your own data and run the T test on it, feel free to download the Excel Spreadsheet.

T test in Excel for Hospital Performance Data: Running the T Test
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