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FHC President Pens Op-Ed for STAT News Promoting APCDs for All States

Project Manager, Freedman HealthCare, LLC

Ms. Rourke uses her deep experience to provide communications, marketing, and general project support to clients and FHC staff. Ms. Rourke is FHC’s expert on social media content, shaping and implementing social media strategy for both internal and client use. Additionally, she manages various FHC digital platforms, including its Twitter page, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, newsletter, APCD Journal Blog, and website. In addition to her work creating content, Ms. Rourke has also been instrumental in designing and managing the creation of various internal and client websites.

As California policymakers take another look at developing an APCD, Freedman HealthCare Principal, John Freedman, discusses ways states are already using APCDs to improve health, create more efficient and effective delivery systems, and spend less in his recent opinion piece, Every State Needs a Database with All Health Insurance Claims, Not Just Some, on STAT News.

“States interested in fostering health, supporting efficient health care systems, lowering the sometimes obscene prices, and removing rampant waste should look closely at creating an all-payer claims database and giving it the necessary resources and regulatory freedom,” writes Dr. Freedman, who has led FHC in providing strategic, technical, and business support services, as well as hands-on project management, to more that 18 states in planning, implementing, and managing Multi-Payer and All-Payer Claims Databases.



View the full article on STAT here.


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