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Starting an APCD

FHC President Pens Op-Ed for STAT News Promoting APCDs for All States

As California policymakers take another look at developing an APCD, Freedman HealthCare Principal, John Freedman, discusses ways states are already using APCDs to improve health, create more efficient and effective delivery systems, and spend less in his recent opinion piece, Every State Needs a Database with All Health Insurance Claims, Not Just Some, on STAT News. “States...Read more

Collecting APM Data under the Umbrella of an APCD

Healthcare models are increasingly shifting from payments based on a fee-for-service methodology to a more value-based system. Collectively known as Alternative Payment Models (APM), these approaches focus on providing incentives for delivering high-quality and cost-efficient care, as opposed to reimbursement based strictly on the volume of visits or services performed. Unfortunately, as these things often...Read more